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About the Wedding Portraits

David Gadreau Photography is committed to being your Niagara Wedding Photographer and creating wedding portraits with the look(s) you want.  Your portraits can be created indoors and (or) outdoors based on the weather and your preferences.  We offer different packages so you can choose one to give you your desired result as well.

When we photograph you on your wedding day, we want you to look and feel your best.  From being yourselves, to wearing the clothes you enjoy set the stage so you can have an enjoyable celebration.  We use a casual approach that lends itself to creating images that are an authentic representation of you for your family and friends.  We feel strongly that your images are best placed on your walls and in a printed album in your hands.  This eliminates the need for a power source and that's thinking green.  Your wedding portraits will only increase in value over time.  As life passes by so quickly, children grow up so fast, and you just can't go back and rewind.  Capturing the memory of who you are today is our passion. 

It would be our great privilege to be your photographers and give you something that you can enjoy every day in your home. There will be several different wedding portraits to choose from for wall hanging, allowing you to achieve your desired result as well.

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